The Patient Information Capsule (PIC) program ensures EMS providers can obtain your pertinent medical information when you are not able to communicate with us.  Important medical information, names of medication and forms are placed in a plastic tube which is kept in your freezer.  A magnet is placed on the freezer door to alert responders that you have a PIC tube.

Place your completed forms in the PIC tube and keep it in your freezer. Put the silver magnet on the freezer door to alert responders that you have a PIC.

The form can be downloaded here.  You can also call us at the station to request a capsule, magnet and blank forms.  Be sure to include copies of any relevant medical information such as medication lists, Do Not Resuscitate Orders, Living Wills, and Health Care Proxy’s in the tube.

Remember to keep all forms up-to-date.

The Community Paramedicine Program is possible through funding from the Adirondack Health Institute Innovations Grant and CVRS. 

The program creates an opportunity to have fewer visits to the emergency room or doctor’s office.  A Provider comes to the participants home, evaluates the participant and is in immediate contact with the participant’s doctor should anything be out of the parameters set by the physician.  

Contact the station for more information.

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