CVRS is always seeking additional volunteers to serve in different capacities. Our membership application can be downloaded here.

Active Membership

Our active members provide emergency medical services to patients when needed (24 hours x 365 days).  There are various levels of certification at which volunteer members can perform.

  • Driver
  • Attendant / Certified First Responder (CFR)
  • Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT-B)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate (AEMT-I)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – Critical Care (AEMT-CC)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (AEMT-P)

More information on each of the NY EMS certifications can be found on the NYS Department of Health Bureau of EMS webpage.

Email us for more information on volunteer opportunities.

The organization’s leadership is selected from the active membership each year by election.  The leadership includes a Governing Board of Directors, Administrative Officers and Operational Officers as follows.

  • Board of Directors – Chairperson, Two additional Directors, plus the following
  • Administrative Officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Operational Officers – Captain, Assistant Captain, Quartermaster, Captain Special Operations, Captain Development and Captain Health & Wellness.

Special projects are often executed using committees which offer another opportunity for our active members to participate in the organization beyond traditional delivery of EMS.


  • Advocating health and wellness through education and public outreach programs.
  • Conducting fundraising activities to supplement finances.
  • Promoting a positive image of the CVRS in the communities served.

The application for Auxiliary Membership can be downloaded here.


We often also require help from the community during our fundraising efforts.  If you are not able to help as either an active member or in the auxiliary, but have interest in assisting with events if needed we would love for you to contact us to talk more about it.