CVRS is committed to providing exceptional health care to the communities we serve.

#There when you need us

The CVRS members are constantly training to provide focused and confident care to the community.  CVRS offers classes to both members and the community. Contact us for details on upcoming classes.

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#There when you need us!! CVRS is built on its volunteerism.  The incredible people we have as members that perform different jobs within the company also live within the communities they serve. These are ambulance attendants, drivers, EMT’s, CCT’s and Paramedics.  Please contact us if you would like more information on becoming a volunteer.  If you won’t do it, who will?

CVRS is always trying to give back to our community.  Our programs are focused on patient care, community, safety, education, training and Mobile Integrated Healthcare .  If you would like information on CVRS programs, contact us anytime at (518) 677-8211, or come by the station.

There are many opportunities awaiting you at CVRS.
Come in and find out what you can achieve by joining our team!