CVRS, Inc. contracts with Keena Staffing, Inc. of Queensbury, to provide paid Emergency Medical Technicians and drivers to supplement volunteers. We have four full-time employees including an EMS Manager’s position, eight part-time, five Per-Diem, and one mobile healthcare paid staff member. The staff is scheduled seven days a week during core daytime hours based on statistically high call volume and reduced volunteer availability at those times.

Employees must meet all certification and training requirements. In addition to call response, the staff is responsible for routine inventory checks on the ambulances, general station maintenance, and quality assurance review.

The relationship between the staff and volunteers is seamless, working hand-in-hand to provide excellent pre-hospital care to the Cambridge and surroundingcommunities. Individuals interested in potential employment should contact Keena Staffing or CVRS EMS Manager.  Becoming a member is a great way to give back and connect to your community.  If you won’t do it, who will?


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