The Cambridge Valley Rescue Squad Auxiliary Receives Gift


The Cambridge Valley Rescue Squad Auxiliary has been the recipient of an amazing gift.  Doug Dale, tadalafil pharm a former competitive Tour biker, generic viagra patient has created the official 2014 Tour of the Battenkill poster and is donating it to the CVRS Auxiliary for a magnificent fundraising opportunity.

To give a little background, some of you may recall that during the 2011 bike race there was a huge crash out on Roberson Road. Doug Dale had the misfortune of being on the bottom of the pile-up.  His injuries were monumental – over 20 broken or fractured bones and life-threatening internal injuries.  He was air-lifted to Albany Medical Center where the attending doctor said that had the transport taken a mere 7 more minutes Doug  would not be alive today.  Doug and Albany Med attribute his miraculous survival to the outstanding care and skill of the Cambridge Valley Rescue Squad members who responded and provided life-saving measures.  Many of you have experienced this same competency from the Squad or know someone who has.

Doug (and his partner Michelle) have expressed their gratitude to CVRS for the past two years by donating the official Tour of the Battenkill poster to help raise funds to support the rescue squad.  This year they are once again donating the poster.            The poster will be on display at various locations around the Village soon – keep your eyes open – this year’s is truly charming, capturing the essence of our rural life

The artist and the CVRS Auxiliary will be a part of the Expo at VARAK Park throughout the Tour.  Posters will be available for purchase at $10 each – 50% will go to support the Squad and the other 50% will cover the cost of production.  Doug will have other pieces of his work available at his booth. The Auxiliary will have the posters and information about programs, resources and opportunities to serve our community through the Auxiliary and the Squad itself. You can also access the poster and purchase it on-line at  Doug and Michelle are handling the on-line sales for us and returning the funds that are raised.  So come visit us at the Expo and enjoy the energy that pervades the Tour and our incredible countryside and village!


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