CVRS Receives Grant for its Personal Information Capsule (PIC) Program


The Cambridge Valley Rescue Squad (CVRS) recently was awarded a $2000 grant from the Washington County Home for Aged Women to continue and expand its highly successful PIC (Personal Information Capsule) Program. We are most appreciative of this award. This program, online administered by the CVRS Auxiliary, recipe provides forms for recording pertinent medical information and a standardized capsule for safe keeping.

With the resources provided through this grant, distribution events will be held throughout the region served by the CVRS Rescue Squad. The programs will include reminders about keeping the information up-to-date and assistance with completing the forms, upon request. The capsule is designed to securely hold pertinent medical information to ensure that emergency medical technicians (EMTs) can access information about your health, should you be unable to communicate during a medical emergency. The availability of this information helps the EMTs to “jump start” patient care and can save critical time. CVRS’s PIC Program reflects a part of its mission to advocate health and wellness in the community through education and information via the Auxiliary. You may also request capsules by contacting us.

Learn more about the CVRS Auxiliary and other volunteer opportunities here.

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